Adoption of Digital Technologies

Enabling Adoption of Digital Technologies by Ontario Rainbow Trout Farms


Rainbow trout aquaculture generates significant economic activity in rural Ontario. The industry has been very slow in adopting a number of digital technologies that could be of great value to improve its productivity. The experience of dairy and swine farming operations indicates that animal performance recording systems and production management software are highly valuable to support decision making and can thereby enhance the productivity of individual farms and the entire sector. The research employs social media data analytics, survey and key informant interviews and draws on 'technology acceptance model' and the ‘technology stewardship’ approach to map out the digital technologies available to Ontario trout farms and understand their adoption and features that enhance their value to the industry. The results will contribute to discussions on and actions regarding the analysis of best management practices and identification, assessment, and adoption of digital technologies for rural economic development.

  • Webinar 1: Potential for Ontario Rainbow Trout Farms to adopt digital technology Date: 1:00 PM July 28th, 2022

Part 1 Presentation

Part 1: Panel discussion

This webinar aims to explore the option for rainbow trout producers to use technology that could significantly increase productivity. The Ontario Rainbow trout industry has a large potential for development. However, this industry is largely artisanal and would benefit from modernizing its practices.This webinar provides a chance to address what digital solutions are available to Ontario trout farms, what impediments to adoption exist, and how to create an enabling environment to accelerate the use of digital technology by rainbow trout farmers.

Part 1 focuses primarily on the opportunities and obstacles of digital technology adoption by Rainbow Trout Farm in Ontario, Canada.
Panel with: 1. Prof. Dominique Bureau, Department of Animal Biosciences (ABSc), University of Guelph; and Roy Hines - Norcan Electrical Systems Inc.

  • Webinar 2 Enabling adoption of digital technologies in Ontario rainbow trout farms

Digital technologies can potentially revolutionize Ontario, Canada's rainbow trout farming sector. By automating and optimizing tasks, digital technologies can help to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. However, the adoption of digital technologies in the Ontario rainbow trout farming sector has been slow. It is important to explore the factors that influ-ence the adoption of digital technologies in the Ontario rainbow trout farming sector to develop strategies to promote their adoption.
In Webinar 2, we discussed our survey results to explore the reasons for slow adoption and then validate them with a panel of experts. The webinar provide insights into the challenges and opportunities for adopting digital technologies in the Ontario rainbow trout farming sector.
Panel with: 1. Stephen Gunther, Director of Sales and Customer Success, Wittaya Aqua, Toronto, Ontario; 2. Tyler Sclodnick- Principal Scientist and Aquaculture Science Services Lead, Innovasea, Mississauga, Ontario, 3. Kana Upton - Aquacage Fisheries, Parry Sound, Ontario

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  • Video: The video is a snapshot of different digital technologies being adopted in Ontario rainbow trout aquaculture and related factors that influence the adoption



  • Infographic

           Current State of Digital Technology Adoption in Ontario Rainbow Trout Aquaculture


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