Advisory Service in Ontario

Improving the effectiveness of advisory services for facilitating information sharing, accessibility and adoption of sustainable farm management practices in Ontario

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Ontario farmers have been facing challenges of receiving quality and needs-based services due to a lack of coordination and functional networks among agricultural advisory service providers and farmers. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how the current pluralistic advisory system in Ontario facilitates partnerships among relevant actors to provide quality service, and thus drive adoption by the target sectors and individuals in a timely manner. The present research aims to map out existing advisory service providers, their networks and partnership mechanisms, assess organizational capacity, quality of service and the effectiveness of the methods. This will be done by implementing stakeholder analysis, forums, surveys, and workshops in addition to drawing on the ‘best-fit’ approach toward assessing pluralistic agricultural advisory services. The research aims to generate enhanced understanding of the effectiveness of current advisory services for the adoption of sustainable management practices. This has included development of a strategy to improve pluralistic advisory service networks in Ontario using five main objectives, such as assessment of the organizational capacity of service providers to achieve their service goals as well as the quality and scope of services provided by different service providers.

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